Jul 13, 2019

We’re just over here counting chicken bones and spitting ideas out for our Shiprocked Voodoo Ceremony. Post a few of your fav songs that are about voodoo or magic. If we like them and feel they’ll work in our voodoo ceremony, we will throw in one extra voodoo doll to deal with that ex of yours that won’t stop booty calling you. #shiprocked #voodoo #bootycalls

Jun 21, 2019

Take note drummers. Class is in session.

May 29, 2019

This dad right here...

Apr 09, 2019

Shiprocked 2020 pre-sale starts today!!

Apr 07, 2019

Happy Birthday to the man and myth Gabe Aranda! We had to choose this pic because his hair was so on point. Haha

Apr 02, 2019

If you live in or close to any of these cities, get out and support Stowaways David Ellefson and Frank Bello! If you haven't seen Altitudes & Attitude yet, this is the time. Call your crew, hit the road, grab a sixer for the parking lot and live out some real rock n roll!

Mar 16, 2019

All hail the Wizard! We miss you Oli Herbert! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4O7s0hbY08

Mar 16, 2019

Here ye Here ye... Go get your Stowaways photos and represent!

Feb 25, 2019

27 Years ago today, Vulgar Display of Power by Pantera was released and we still lose our shit every time we hear that intro riff to Walk...


Feb 07, 2019

Behind the Dimebag, Vinnie & Oli Tributes...

We've received enough questions about why we chose the songs we did, so I decided to give some detail here for those of you that aren't aware...

QUESTION #1: Why did you choose Sunglasses at Night to pay tribute to Oli Herbert?

ANSWER: As most of you know, Oli has been part of The Stowaways since the beginning. Every year, I ask for suggestions and we begin carving out the sets until we have something that we can be proud to be part of. Well, Oli has suggested Sunglasses at Night every single year, but we passed on it because it didn't necessarily fit with the themes. It also became an inside joke between Oli and myself. I would ask for suggestions and then add, "Oli, oh long haired metal wizard... please, don't ask to add Sunglasses at Night. You're too metal to utter those words". We'd laugh, give each other some jabs and then guess what? He'd suggest Sunglasses at Night. Well, after the events that happened, we thought there was no better way than to finally add this song to the set as well as have Geoff Tate sing it (who Oli loved) and also have one of his best friends, Drew Johnson join in on guitar. So, that's the story between that song and why we paid tribute to our wizard brother, Oli Herbert with it.

QUESTION #2: What did all the songs in the Dimebag and Vinnie set have to do with them? I was expecting all Pantera songs....

ANSWER: This is a multi part answer and we will give explanations on a few of the songs that were especially important below. In short, most of the set was chosen because Dime and/or Vinnie have gone on record stating that they were their favorites or helped shape them into who they were as musicians and people. Now, for some of the particulars....

1. Eruption/ Panama.. it's no secret that Dime loved Eddie Van Halen. You could hear it in his playing and he was never shy to carry the Van Halen torch high. Many times Dime was seen on stage ripping into Eruption. We cut off You Really Got Me and added Panama just because one of our Stowaways had a particular story about himself and the Abbot bros cranking this song to 11 many a nights on tour. The boys love for VH was so strong that Eddie himself came to Dime's memorial and stated, "an original deserves an original" as he placed his iconic yellow and black striped guitar from the Van Halen II album into his casket.

2. Ozzy, AC/DC & ZZ Top... The songs we chose by these artists were songs both brothers have stated made them who they were as players. Dime loved Randy Rhoades era Ozzy, AC/DC is a no brainer for anybody and well... ZZ Top... Texas boys support Texas boys and that old school ZZ Top was great.

3. Heaven & Hell and Antisocial... First off, Black Sabbath influenced everybody, but the brothers were always vocal about their love for both Black Sabbath and Dio, so Dio era Sabbath was chosen... More importantly, Dime was particularly close with the guys in Anthrax. Lots of stories from that relationship if you dig deep enough on the old Google. Dime also stated his love of Anthrax's State of Euphoria album. So, both songs were chosen due to the tight friendship and love of Anthrax. So who else better to play on the two songs than Joey Belladonna and Frank Bello of Anthrax? Another side note... John Tempesta of the Cult was chosen to play drums on Antisocial because in his early days he was Charlie Benante's drum tech and also played The Not Man in the original Antisocial video....

4. Sinner by Drowning Pool. Dime and Vinnie welcomed and loved their fellow Texas boys in Drowning Pool. In fact, you can see Drowning Pool platinum albums hanging on the walls of Dime's living room in old videos.

5. It's So Easy by GNR. Vinnie loved him some GNR. So much that he asked that the Appetite For Destruction album be played at his memorial. We chose from that album for that reason.

6. Shock Me by Kiss. If you didn't know that the Abbot Brothers loved Kiss, you shouldn't be reading this far! Go back and watch the Pantera DVD's and then come back and finish this post. You may learn a thing or two.

7. Sweating Bullets by Megadeth. Many people have no idea that the guys in Megadeth are responsible for the notorious Black Tooth Grin. That a simple lyric would spawn some of the best nights of our lives as well as some of the worst hangovers known to man. If you search the web a bit, you can find the full story explained by David Ellefson... The short story is that Megadeth and Pantera were both touring overseas. Dimebag showed up after a crazy night on the town and shows David Ellefson a tattoo on his leg that he got in the red light district. Dime pulls his pant leg up and says "Black Tooth Man!" That's the abridged version of where it all began. A red light district tattoo spawned from the lyrics of Sweating Bullets. Thats also why our friends at Timber Creek Distillery made sure all The Stowaways had a Black Tooth Grin to stop and toast the Abbot Brothers.

8. Motorbreath & Roots Bloody Roots. Both brothers are on record praising early Metallica as well as the Roots era Sepultura. So, how could we not add these songs to rip some faces off!

9. Blind by Korn... The first time I ever met Dime was at a Korn and Disturbed show in Dallas. We were backstage at a little after party partaking in some Black Tooth Grins (thanks to the Megadeth suggestion in Sweating Bullets) when Munky and Head walked in and came over. After some greetings, jokes and a few more Black Tooth Grins (charged to the record label's credit card we stole), Dime told Munky and Head, "Blind would be bad ass if it had a fucking guitar solo in it. You guys need more guitar solos". Dime and Vinnie would go on to joke with the Korn guys about this whenever they saw each other. He loved Korn and Korn loved the bros. So, having Head onboard was the perfect reason to add this. We never mentioned Chad Gray of HELLYEAH joining us to the public as we knew that would be a special thing for all of us and the fans if it actually took place. When he came to rehearsal that morning in the AFT lounge and opened up with "Are you readyyyyyyy!" even Head lost where he was in the song and had to stop. The energy was there, the love was there and the emotions were running strong. For Chad to walk on that stage, stand beside Head who he looked at as an influence and also pay tribute to his brother and bandmate Vinnie Paul was something special. We still don't know how he made it all the way through the song, but it is Chad Gray so.....

10. Cemetery Gates.. Such an emotional song. Vinnie states that his favorite Pantera record was Cowboys from Hell so that's why we chose from that. Then, to have Geoff Tate (Official) walk out there with just the piano backing was a time we all reflected back to the great times we had with the brothers.

11. Walk... There isn't a better song to end and celebrate the lives of our friends, our brothers, our fellow bandmates and inspiration than Walk. That song changed how many of the Stowaways attacked songwriting and definitely kicked all of us guitarists and drummers in the nuts with its groove. Morgan Rose took the drums on this one because some of you may remember the drummer Q&A where he was talking about his inspirations. After praising all the classics, he looked at Vinnie an and tole the story of when he first heard Walk. Morgan stated... "I dropped my head and said DAMMIT! I WILL NEVER BE THAT FUCKING HEAVY!". We all know Morgan is slamming when he plays, but we all knew exactly what he was talking about. Whether you played drums, guitar, bass or sang, Walk dropped you to your knees when you first heard it. It was a wake up call to go back to the woodshed and rethink your existence as a rock or metal musician. haha

There you have it. Now you know why the songs were chosen and why they were special to us.

Feb 05, 2019

Big thanks to Leo Moracchioli and Frog Leap Studios for giving a great glimpse into what it's like to be a Stowaway on the Shiprocked Cruise! Also, thanks to @Dean Guitars for making sure we kept the ground shaking!


Feb 03, 2019

Ladies and gentlemen .... the wait is almost over....